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125cc – X30 SPEC. AUS

A, B,and C

WEIGHT 162 kg


The main components of the IAME motors are made by latest generation numerical control machining centers, which translates into extreme accuracy of the sensitive dimensions. The high IAME Quality Standard means eliminating any difference in performance between the engines and an absolute guarantee of competing on the track on equal terms with all opponents. The X30 units are Ready To Race exactly like the World Champion engines, the result of IAME’s decades of experience in the realization of Karting engines.


The engines of the X30 line are widespread in over 30 countries, only for some of them there are slight variations in the equipment related to the specific needs of the individual national sports authorities. However, in the presence of international events attended by drivers from all over the world, using the X30 engines in a single configuration, the performance differences are obviously imperceptible. Looking at the times of the IAME International Final race, it is easy to indicate how many drivers are contained in the ½ second gap. It is only thanks to the construction quality guaranteed and constant over time that it is possible to obtain results of this level and receive the appreciation of the undisputed success of pilots all over the world.

Thanks to the constancy, uniformity and high level of performance of all X30 engines, starting from the X30 Water Swift performance to the ultra-performing Super Shifter X30, drivers and mechanics can concentrate all available resources on the preparation of the vehicle, on physical preparation, driving skills and strategy, to succeed on opponents. Karting is the discipline of Motorsport which is absolutely closer to the driving sensations of powerful F1 cars. In IAME we want Kart to be practicable by anyone who shares our passion, for this reason we offer our drivers powerful and reliable engines, eliminating the need to resort to expensive preparatory interventions. Retaining this cardinal principle, IAME is able to offer an engaging and rewarding experience to pilots all over the world, guaranteeing a limited budget.


Together with your new emotion generator called X30, you will find all the accessories necessary to easily install and use the engine on the chassis you prefer. Chosen with accuracy and after having undergone several tests, the accessories that complete the X30 engines are designed to operate at their best in all conditions and guarantee the correct functioning of your engine at all times and a totally satisfying experience. Thanks to the unique serial number that distinguishes each unit, you can at any time go back to the year of production of your X30 and find the original spare parts suitable for correct maintenance through the IAME dealer network. Fill up on the mixture and hit the track for your next challenge, worrying just where to put the wheels!


MG Tyres available in Australia!